About Us

UPDATE: We have adopted a beautiful baby boy! He is now 9 months old and we are IN LOVE with this boy!! Changes to this site will happen once we come up for air.
Happily married. Hoping to adopt. Sharing our home with our fun-loving yellow lab. Focusing on creating our own happiness. Everyday.

Why We Choose to Adopt
Over the years, we each had our own share of bad dates and failed relationships. About to throw in the towel, we had agreed to meet on a blind-date of sorts at Oberweis for a little ice cream and conversation. That date turned out to be the best ever! A year later, in 2009, we were walking down the aisle vowing to love, honor and cherish; in sickness and in health; good times and bad.

We wanted to start a family immediately. We planned to have one – maybe two babies – on our own, and then look into adoption to grow our family. We were overjoyed to learn we were pregnant, only to have it end 8 weeks later in a miscarriage. We continued to try for another pregnancy with no luck. Eventually, after visiting with our Fertility Specialist, we learned our chances of having a successful pregnancy were slim to none. Saddened by the news, we left the doctors’ office knowing this was not the end of the road for us in starting our family. We had planned to adopt anyway, and so….we jumped into the adoption process and never looked back.

Sasha is an IT Director, a dog trainer, an incredible cook, and loves the outdoors. Sarah is a Graphic Designer, loves to be creative whether it’s sewing, photography, wood crafts, clay, home remodeling, she tends to have an “accidental” green-thumb, and has a knack for turning a house into a cozy home.

At the ballpark – Visiting the Christmas tree farm – Drove the River Road and took a little hike – Kauai, Hawaii

We have two dogs. Medi is a Golden Retriever who is a Hunting Retriever Champion, as well as an Obedience Champion. He is an amazing, loving, fun and well-behaved dog. Medi spends most of his days with Sasha’s parents – keeping them company – but when the weekend comes, he gets to come stay with us. Jozi is a Yellow Labrador Retriever. She is very well-trained in obedience, incredibly silly, sweet and loving. You will usually find her sleeping in the living room window seat.

Jozi and Medi at Christmas

We both come from relatively large Catholic families, although the majority of Sasha’s family lives overseas in Europe. Sasha’s parents and two sisters live within a 10 minute drive from our home. Our families are loving, supportive and a whole lot of fun…ready to open their hearts and our home to a special child.


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