Weekend Getaway…Big Cedar Lodge

We returned, late Sunday afternoon, from our extended 3-day weekend get-away! Nothing big and crazy was planned. Just hoped for some serious sunshine-time and total relaxation in the great outdoors. Our destination: Big Cedar Lodge in Branson, Missouri. We arrived Friday afternoon to clouds, a chance of showers in the late evening, a possible snowflake…however, the lady giving the local forecast was promising sunshine and slightly warmer temperatures for the next couple of days. Hooray! I was going to hold her to it! Sasha immediately went and sat outside on the balcony – taking in the fresh air and sounds of the waterfalls. I tried, but it was just too darn chilly!

Our accommodations were fantastic! We stayed in the Falls Lodge. Every last little detail of both the building and the rooms were so fantastically themed, my head was spinning trying to take it all in. The place is themed as a hunting and big bass fishing lodge, so if you are squeemish or sensitive to stuffed animals and bear skin rugs, this place is not for you! Animals are literally everywhere. Even in our room.

Our first night at Big Cedar included dinner at the Worman House. The food was fantastic. The Rod Stewart impersonator…entertaining. We sat at a quaint little table overlooking the lake. On our table was a cast iron acorn votive holder hanging from a cast iron branch. Became our little conversation piece….that and Rod Stewart. We later noticed they sell the exact same item in their gift shop. Good product placement guys! Obviously, we had to have it.

Saturday, we woke to bright sunshine and gorgeous temperatures. We had breakfast at Truman Coffee and Cafe. Dogwood Canyon was closed to all activity due to much needed maintenance. Since we couldn’t do Dogwood Canyon, we drove down to the marina and started walking. We found a trail marked for a 5K Run, and so we were off! Lots to see, including the “swing bridge” over Devil’s Pool. Not really as scary as it sounds but looked really deep. Later we hit the outlet mall and had dinner on the Landing.

Back at the Lodge that evening, the cookie lady came around to all the rooms delivering ginger cookies called Pepparkakors. It’s a very thin, hard cookie. They say you’re supposed to place the cookie in the palm of your hand, make a wish, and then using your index finger, tap the cookie in the middle. If the cookie breaks into three pieces, your wish will come true. Both Sasha and I got a cookie – both broke the cookies into three pieces – but neither one of us remembered to make a wish beforehand. Doh!

Sunday was just as gorgeous as Saturday. We didn’t have as much time, so we took a shorter walk around the grounds and hit the road for home. It was a perfect weekend! Thanks to Big Cedar Lodge for the great accommodations!


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