Did you watch NBC’s The Voice last night?  Sasha will not miss it, and now he has me hooked on it too! I had planned to get a bunch of little chores around the house done, but instead we did some painting in the kitchen (as planned) and then planted our back-sides on the sofa to watch these talented folk sing their hearts out. And boy did they! I couldn’t get Heart Shaped Box outta my head all day today. How funny was it that Blake didn’t know the song! Cracked me up!!! Kudos to Lee and Lindsey for such an awesome rendition of the song.

We joked that we need to get our fill of the shows like The Voice, Parenthood, Big Bang Theory, etc in now while we still can! Once the “lil one” arrives, we know we most likely won’t be getting this kind of chillin’, relaxing time. Enjoying it while we can!


About Blue Sky Happy

Learning to make our own happiness every day. Hoping to, one day soon, adopt a sweet lil' one.

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  1. YES. Watch them all. Or better yet, have a DVR! 🙂

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