How ‘Bout Them…Carrots?!

I made carrots tonight.

Alright…so they are fabric carrots. It’s spring and our front door needed…something. I couldn’t find a wreath idea that I truely loved. Then I found this idea on Pinterest. Love! I had to dig right in and make these suckers. With bins of fabric in our basement…leftover greenery from our wedding centerpieces…it was quick and easy. You should see how fun they look on our front door. Driving by the house makes me giggle. So fun!


About Blue Sky Happy

Learning to make our own happiness every day. Hoping to, one day soon, adopt a sweet lil' one.


  1. What a cute idea! So, gonna pinterest this. ; )

  2. I immediately recognized the repurposed greens! These are super fun Sarah! It’s like you’re inviting the Easter Bunny to your house. Coooommmmeee aaannndd geeettt sooommmee ccaarrrootttss… and leave me a chocolate bunny! HA! You whip out these little creations faster and faster all the time. Nice!

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