In Need of A Bicycle

After reading another bloggers writings this morning, where she was reminiscing about her younger days spent on the Katy Trail, I found myself wishing (yet again) that we lived closer to the Trail. I mentioned to Sasha that it would be nice if we had another bike and could hit the Katy Trail in the evenings after work, or on the weekends. He agreed and mentioned one of the trails that we do have close to our home….just a short driving distance away. It runs along the river. It’s a long loop – I believe 5-miles. So we would start and end in the same spot. It has a restroom and a gorgeous pavilion with picnic tables. It is dog friendly, which is a plus for our Jozi-pup-pup-dog. Then there is another trail, which also runs through part of St. Louis and is just a short drive away.

These trails got me thinking and next thing you know, I was googling St. Louis Bike Trails. To my delight, there are actually a lot of bike trails through the St. Louis area. My preference, when it comes to these trails though, is to be out in nature…away from all the cars, and the noise and busy-ness of the city…so we’ll have to be choosey as to which trails we ride.

However, before we can ride any trails, I need a bike! Actually, I have a bike…but it’s a men’s bike…a really nice men’s mountain bike that my brother-in-law had custom built. I’ve had that bike since before Sasha and I were married, and now it’s in need of new tires and inner tubes. Easy enough fix. We’ll fix it up and make it Sasha’s bike. The bigger task will be finding Sarah a new bike. Any suggestions? Advice? Keep in mind, we will be financing an adoption, so price is an issue!


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Learning to make our own happiness every day. Hoping to, one day soon, adopt a sweet lil' one.

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