Shout Out!!!

I recently admitted to all of you, my tendency to be a control freak. Well, here’s another one for ya…I have….wait for it…..crazy sensitive skin. Yes I do! Always have. So soap products – whether laundry, dish, body, hands, shampoo, whatever – I am very particular which products I purchase to use. And those hand sanitizer gels that everyone is SO big on…even in hospitals…I steer clear of ALL of those. Flu season or not. The alcohol in them wreaks havoc on my sensitive skin.

Last fall, Sasha and I took a drive through the countryside to attend a Chestnut Roast at Forrest Keeling Nursery.  While there, we made a few purchases from the vendors, one being a bar of goat’s milk soap from Sweet Spirits Farm in Hannibal, Missouri.  I am here to say, I LOVE that bar of soap!!!  ….made of all natural products and good for your skin. I recently decided I needed more, so online I went! I placed the order Wednesday afternoon and by Friday, I had a mailbox filled with the lovely scent of Rosemary Mint. The ordered was filled that quickly! And so, being the very happy customer that I am, I must give a very big shout out to Sweet Spirits Farm in Hannibal, Missouri – – check them out!!! (Note: They also sell their products in several brick-and-mortar stores if you don’t want to purchase online.)

On another note, a little backyard update. We have ONE sprout of spinach shooting up out of our Gutter Garden….and many, many, many sprouts of lettuce making their way out into the sunshine to fill our gutter! So exciting. The strawberries still are not planted. It’s been a busy week/weekend.

Lonely Spinach sprout in our Gutter Garden.

Lettuce growing in our Gutter Garden.

Also, a photo update on our lovely Columbine  – and happy to report, the Peony is looking much better with even more buds!

Columbine - Missouri Native Wildflower (in our backyard)

Columbine - Missouri Native Wildflower (in our backyard)

Our Peony looking better and doing great!


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