Little of this. Little of that.

Allergies are not friends of ours. We both enjoy the outdoors, but when allergy season is in full swing…seriously no fun (especially for Sarah. You name it, she is allergic to it)! To aid in keeping bad allergy attacks at bay, we both receive monthly allergy shots. The shots have helped us greatly and have made us both way more tolerant to these seasonal annoyances! I’m not saying, allergies no longer bother us….they do (omg they do), just not quite as severe. This past weekend we definitely put our shots to the test!

We started our weekend with dinner, Friday night, at Bandana’s. “Love that smoke!” Then had a few errands to run.

Saturday morning, Sasha was up before the sun, drove across the state in the rain to run Jozi-pup in a derby competition. The derby was, of course, delayed due to rain. (Too bad the rain didn’t wash away all the allergens out there!) They were up and running by noon. Not all the dog owners showed with their pups though, making them one dog short of an eligible competition. Since they all made the trip, the pups ran the derby just for fun. Jozi did great, but no ribbons were handed out that day. Booo. Sasha and Jozi were back home by Saturday evening.

We have a huge family garage sale coming up. It’s going to be held at the farm, so we’re calling it our barn sale! While Sasha and Jozi were on the other side of the state, Sarah stayed home and gathered items all day for the sale. By the end of the day Saturday, we were all completely zonked!

Sunday had us on the road to Sarah’s home town. First up…the Grand Opening for the newly renovated library. While studying Environmental Design in college, Sarah had come up with plans to renovate this very library for her senior thesis! So what did we think of the new library. Gorgeous! And yes, they even had some of the same ideas Sarah had in her plans. Great minds think alike!

After the library, we drove down to the riverfront – one of Sarah’s favorite places while growing up. It was a nice day, so we decided to take a quick stroll on the riverfront trail (allergy alley!)….and watch a couple trains go by.

Then it was time for momma’s birthday party! Sarah’s brother and sister-n-law hosted a birthday dinner for mom and had us all over. It’s always good to see the family!

After the party, we had to race back to St. Louis to try and beat the tornado warning, heavy rain and wind headed our way. We had recently purchased one of the Emergency Weather Radio’s they keep talking about on the news. Sure enough, shortly after we arrived home, the alerts started sounding. Thankfully, nothing too severe happened in our area, although the news later reported that many in our neighborhood were out of power. Who knew?!

Kitchen Update: Sasha decided to get to work and finish thin-setting our new subfloor. Wonder if he really knows what he is doing sometimes…..

What’s a blog post without pictures of Jozi?! Crazy dog ALWAYS wants to play. She never stops. Never!

And finally, an update on our gutter garden…..the lettuce and spinach are growing like crazy!


About Blue Sky Happy

Learning to make our own happiness every day. Hoping to, one day soon, adopt a sweet lil' one.

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  1. weezy3

    wow you two certainly pack a lot into a weekend! but it all sounds like it was great. love all the pics!

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