Surprise Visit!

Look who came to visit us yesterday! My nephew, also known as Mr. Stinkerpants (name given to him by his papa), stopped by for a bit with his momma. We decided to put Mr. Stinkerpants in the crib in our Baby-to-be-Room…see what he thinks of the place…see how he “rates” it! FIVE STARS! He loved it. Said he had a blast.

Mr. Stinkerpants was smiling and giggling as soon as we sat him in the crib. He and the neighborhood gang (Mr. Bunny, Mr. Giraffe and the Hippo) all had a great time together. Mr. Giraffe even played some of his wind-up tunes.

After a while, Mr. Stinkerpants was on his belly showing us his amazing feats of strength. He showed off his push-up skills, his downward facing dog pose, and then he showed us how he can roll from his belly onto his back. Amazing! Then he would laugh and giggle. It was a great time.

Then it was time for snacks. Mr. Stinkerpants had a bottle of milk. Drank it all! Aunt Sarah had some orange slices. Before long, it was time to pack up the diaper bag and to head home. Mr. Stinkerpants had such a fun time – even had to have an outfit change – but now he was ready to go home and take a nap. He was exhausted!

We will see you again Tuesday night little man. His momma and papa have Baptism Class to attend. Mr. Stinkerpants does not need to attend, and the classes are during his ni-night time, so Aunt Sarah and Uncle Sasha will come stay with him till class is over.

Till then little man….

After Mr. Stinkerpants left, I went back in the Baby-to-be-Room to tidy up, and it just felt empty. It felt so odd. Made me a little sad. Having Mr. Stinkerpants there made the room feel alive, real and full of love.  Hopefully, one day soon, we will have a little one to fill the room with giggles and smiles….a little one that will call the room his or hers. Until then…we wait, we pray, we hope.


About Blue Sky Happy

Learning to make our own happiness every day. Hoping to, one day soon, adopt a sweet lil' one.

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