Kitchen Remodel Done!…and other things…

It’s been a while since we last posted anything. I keep thinking we need to, but honestly….just haven’t felt much like writing. The wait to adopt – even when nothing is going on – can be such a crazy emotional roller coaster. One minute you’re UP thinking, “This is our month! We could be parents soon.” Then you realize how much time has gone by….since you started the adoption process.…since you last heard from your caseworker….since your coworker/family member/friend had her baby….and you start to think, “This is never, ever going to happen for us!”….annnnd you’re rolling back down that big ol’ roller coaster. Weeeeeeee!!!

So, as I’ve said before, we try to stay busy…keep our mind off the adoption process. And it has been a busy month or so.

We attended a Baptism for our little nephew. He did great! I just love their Church.


We had a barn/garage sale out at the farm. What a gorgeous day! Sales were not great, but we had fun just being together.


Jozi won second place in one of the competitions Sasha ran her in. We are so proud of her! She ran against some other really amazing dogs, and impressed a lot of people. Judges too!


We also attended an absolutely gorgeous wedding for our friends, E and J. We were not able to stay very late due to early plans the next morning, but we were so honored to be there with them to celebrate this happy event! Congrats again E and J! Happiness always!


And then there was the kitchen….Ohhh, the kitchen! We only get to work on it in our spare time, so it’s taken us a while to get to this point. It’s not totally finished…still need to finish a few small details, but it’s mostly there. Although……now we’re thinking (mostly Sarah is thinking) new cabinet doors would be nice (oh yeah!)

Sasha laying the tiles. Little hard on the body, but he says he actually enjoyed it. I handed him the tiles in the order I thought they should go, and the direction I wanted them. Kinda like art directing!


Sasha grouting the floor. Messy job. I followed after him with the sponge and bucket of water. Cleaning as we go.


We also decided to add new trim work around the doorway. There wasn’t any to begin with, and we thought this would make a more impactful entrance…a little architectural detailing if you will!


Here you can see, the board and batton on the walls is not yet finished, but it was time to take a break and make some yummy low-fat oatmeal cookies. It’s always time for cookies!!!


Finally the reveal! See the before and after – how it looked several years ago when Sarah moved in and how it looks now. We are finished with the floor (originally old vinyl, now ceramic tile). The board and batton on the walls and new trim work is mostly done. Still need to get behind the refrigerator and touch-up some spots with paint. Don’t you agree new cabinet doors would be SO much better…to tie in with the simplicity of the board and batton walls?! All in due time.


The oak dining table was made years ago by Sarah’s grandfather…one of our many treasures. The chairs were a surprise find at Crate and Barrel – the Delta chair. Awesome! They’re made out of aluminum so they are sturdy, but also so lightweight. Sarah’s mom says they look like old style hospital chairs! Ha!! We love them…very comfortable. The pictures on the wall, of course, are Medi and Jozi.

Our nephew doing his monkey-man crawl across the new kitchen floor. He is FAST! Knees not necessary. Funny kid.


Our nephew clapping his hands and laughing to show his approval on the new kitchen. Thanks buddy! Come over any time. You’re always welcome at Aunt Sarah and Uncle Sasha’s house!



About Blue Sky Happy

Learning to make our own happiness every day. Hoping to, one day soon, adopt a sweet lil' one.


  1. Anonymous

    You are certainly staying busy, but I can see why you would. The wait it driving me crazy and I will be an Aunt, not the parents! Keep the mind going, but please please please do not lose hope!

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