It Was A Very Hot July

This past month of July was so incredibly HOT, it was hard to get out and do much of anything. We spent the 4th of July at the farm with Sarah’s family. Of course, this intense heat meant one thing…homemade ice cream was a must. We cracked out the old ice cream maker that once belonged to Sarah’s grandparents.  Many summer weekends were spent on the farm making homemade ice cream with mom and dad, brothers and sisters, grandma and the cousins.

We insisted Dad take a turn at the wheel.

A couple weeks later, we spent a saturday canning peaches.

My job was “blanching” the peaches. Dip them in hot water, then in cold water. It helps to make the skins slide right off.

Once the weather got a bit cooler, Sasha and I decided to head to Meramac Springs Park. It was a gorgeous day.

The spring where the crazy cold water actually comes up out of the ground.

The trout love this water.

This is down stream a bit. I tried putting my feet in the water here, but holy cow that is cold!

People spend all day here trout fishing.

The water we brought with us got warm real quick with the warm temperatures. At one point, I sat near the water’s edge and held the bottle in the ice cold goodness. It was chilled in no time. Not even kidding!


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  1. Anonymous

    Time to make more homemade ice cream!! I have another great recipe from the dessert archive we must try.

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