Sunday Drive

Sunday in St. Louis started as a gorgeous sunny day. What a great day to go for a drive!! I had recently heard of a little house in Chesterfield Valley that sold their homegrown honey at a little roadside stand. Sasha and I LOVE our local honey!!! While I didn’t exactly know where it was, I had an idea. I had been told highway 109 to Eatherton. Sounds easy enough right?! We left our Jozi-pup at home…she was a tired dog….and hit the road. We were driving blindly, and while it took us a while to finally come upon it, the drive to get there was gorgeous.

Once we got there, the clouds took over and before we knew it….rain! Sudden, heavy downpours of rain! It was so nice! We bought a big ol’ jug of honey for $25. Yay!

Rain or shine….we decided to do a little more road trippin’. Before we left the house, we grabbed the cooler and a bag of ice just in case we came upon other local goodies being sold at roadside stands. I was hoping for a dozen farm fresh eggs and some good lookin’ tomatoes. We had our own tomatoe plants growing in our garden, but with the drought this year, we simply did not get a good crop.  Disappointment.

We grabbed our phones and mapped a route from the “honey house” to Labadie, Missouri. The rain would pour for a bit and then we would get hit with crazy bright sunshine. The drive, which took us along the Missouri River, through old country farms and newer, fancy horse ranches was breathtaking. What a gorgeous day. However, we only came across one roadside stand….of which we chose not to stop. We won’t stop for just any roadside stand.

Happy to have our local honey, I was still insistant on finding eggs and tomatoes. We knew of one local stand (one that we stop at frequently) near Washington, Missouri not far from Labadie, so back on the road again! Before long we were at the roadside stand at Todd Geisert’s Farm. While we didn’t purchase any of his tomatoes, we did get our eggs and some others goodies! It was nice weather when we pulled up….started sprinkling when we got out of the car….and then crazy, hard downpour. Thank goodness for Todd’s covered stands! In a matter of minutes, the rain cleared out and all was nice again! Crazy midwest weather.

Here is our “haul”….honey, watermelon, eggs, onions, jalapeno peppers, cayanne peppers, and two packages of meat sticks. If you notice, one of the packages of meat sticks did not survive the drive home….Sasha! All in all, it was a wonderful day. Sunday drives are the best!


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