A little about Sarah

Sarah is:  a supportive wife – daughter – little sister – big sister – sister-in-law – aunt – Godmother – friend – creative – graphic designer – nature lover – chocolate addict.

Sarah and her Nephew - Sisters on Vacation in Wisconsin - Sarah and her Godson

Sarah grew up in a small town in the Midwest. She spent her childhood riding bikes around the neighborhood, rollerskating and making mudpies with her siblings and friends. She spent many summer days walking to and from the city swimming pool where she would stay for hours. When she was in 8th grade, she moved with her family into their new house that was built on the family farm. 

Sarah likes:  Sewing, Crafts and Gardening; Watching others play baseball/softball; Chocolate chip oatmeal cookies and Banana bread with blueberries; Fall/Pumpkin time; The sound and smell of spring-time rain; Fresh, clean sheets; Big dogs; Bowling; Mostly country music; DIY shows; My husband; Cotton fabric; The 4th of July; Homemade food; The sound of little kids laughing; Simple things; Honesty.

Giant "cheese" smiles! - Silly on the beach - Super excited about pumpkin pickin' - Sarah icing cakes with her sister


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