A little about Sasha

Sasha is:  a loving husband – a big brother – a brother-in-law – an uncle – every dog’s best friend – a computer nerd – and really goofy!

Best Friends Driving - Trying to Catch Snowflakes - Roadside Apple Pickin'

Sasha grew up in Europe. While living in Europe, he learned to ski in the mountains, took ballroom dance lessons (which was fun for the first dance at our wedding), practiced  martial arts, loved learning and working with electronics and making/breaking/fixing things with different tools, enjoyed getting away from city life to spend time with his grandparents on the farm. He even milked the cows! Sasha was overall your typical boy. Sasha and his family moved to the United States when he was 18 years old.

Sasha likes:  Dogs, dog training and dog competitions – Country & Rock music – Technology – The smell of the outdoors early in the morning – Sports – Sitting around a bonfire on a chilly evening – Grilling/BBQ’s – Gardening – Playing Chef in the kitchen – Always furthering my education – My wife – Family get-togethers – Float trips – Fishing.

Cleaning our apple harvest - Training with Jozi - Sasha LOVES grilling! - Inhaling our funnel cake at the Chestnut Roast


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