Our Family

Our Parents

Sasha’s family lives close by – His parents, two sisters and pupper dog, Medi, live about 10 minutes away. Sasha is the oldest of his siblings.

Sasha's Parents - Sasha with Mom and Sisters - Sasha's Sisters

Sasha’s Parents – Sasha with his mother and sisters – Sasha’s sisters

Most of Sarah’s family live about an hour away, with exception of one sister who lives about 20 minutes away.  She and her husband are new parents to a baby boy, born August 2011! He is very sweet and well loved.

Sarah’s siblings and spouses, niece and nephew – Sasha and Sarah meeting their new nephew for the first time!

Sarah’s parents own a small farm, grow Christmas trees, apples, pecans, and raise chickens for farm fresh eggs. With so much land to play on, they tend to be host and hostess to many, many family parties and get-togethers. It’s always a good time!! Sarah is the oldest daughter in the family and has two sisters, both married – one with a child. She also has an older brother and a younger brother, both of whom are married – one with two children.


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